2yr old Male Husky Mix

Frankie came to us from the kill list at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control – and sadly the only reason that he ended up here is because he was never taught to walk on a leash. He initially had to be carried in most of his movements outside of the home, but he has made SO MUCH PROGRESS in the time he has been with us. He’s become our long-timer now and has been looking for his forever home since July 2022.

Frankie has done well with other dogs large and small now that’s he’s fully adjusted to being in a loving foster home. He has been going to the dog park and it has been SO huge in helping his confidence grow. He loves the other dogs in his foster home, and a home with at least one other well-socialized pup is a must for his longterm growth.

He is very playful and does do some husky grumbly talking sounds – they can be mistaken for growls so breed experience, or a lot of patience, will be a must for him. He is just communicating and should be allowed to express his boundaries, as he has not acted on these grumbles or started fights.

Since we first got him, Frankie has also learned to walk on a leash, and he does it pretty well if he’s got his confident foster dog siblings with him. This is something he will likely continue to improve on with time, but the more exposure he gets, the better.

Frankie has shown no human aggression at all and would likely be ok with kids in a home with dog-smart adults to provide guidance and supervision. We always recommend close monitoring at first and will require a meet and greet for all pets and humans in the home.

Frankie is such a goofy sweetheart once he gets to know you, which really doesn’t take that long anymore! He makes funny faces, leans in for pets, gives kisses, and will even start singing with the other huskies if he gets a chance.

He’d love nothing more than to finally have his own forever family!

Quick Facts:

  • Great with other dogs!
  • Can be excitable, but very sweet
  • Foster has been working on kennel and leash-training and he has shown improvements!
  • Still a little timid and needs a patient adopter
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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