1yr old female Husky Mix

Floofy is such a happy-go-lucky girl – and she’s lucky to be here! She was placed on the euthanasia list at Maricopa County for scaling a 5ft chain link fence to get to a dog on the other side. Unfortunately a fight ensued and she was listed as a result. Since getting out and decompressing, she has been nothing short of amazing with all humans and other dogs!

Floofy is really just a giant puppy. She loves everyone and everything, and needs a lot of training. She is very treat-motivated, but patience is something new for her. She goes great with the other medium-large dogs in her foster home, and has been doing well going for bike rides, walks and hikes, as well as going out to restaurant patios and getting some much-needed socialization.

Her bio will be updated as we learn more about her!

Quick Facts:

  • Super energetic and playful
  • Big puppy who needs work on manners
  • Loves all humans so much
  • Has done great with the other huskies in her foster home
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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