1-2yo female Husky/Shepherd/Malamute

Meet Emmy! Emmy was found left behind a dumpster outside a Tucson Eegee’s along with two of her puppies, Opal and Ruby. They were picked up by good Samaritans with 3 huskies of their own before being transferred to an AZHR foster.

Emmy definitely has some initial fear towards new people, but she warms up to them quickly when given some space and patience. Once she’s comfortable, she will offer kisses and seek out attention, even talking to you to let you know that she would like some pets. She likes to follow her foster mom around the house and snuggle up behind her on the couch.

Despite her timid personality, Emmy also has a playful side. She likes tug and fetch and tolerates some rough housing with her puppies. She also has lots of fun just throwing a toy around by herself before settling down to shred it. It is likely that she will display more energetic behavior once she gets some rest and better nutrition.

Emmy started out neutral towards the young husky and GSD in her foster home, but has warmed up to them after a week in her foster home. She is more submissive, but is slowly getting more comfortable with her foster siblings’ rougher play style. There were a few small scuffles with growls and snaps as everyone adjusted to each other, but she seemed to be expressing her boundaries rather than any aggression. She would do best in a home with calmer dogs while she adjusts to life in a caring home, though she could get along with more active dogs given some time. She would also do well as an only dog with some humans to love on her. She seems like she would be alright with children who know how to approach a shy dog. Her behavior with small animals is unknown.

Emmy does not appear to have had any formal training, but she knows how to sit and shake. She has medium food drive and would likely learn quickly with a patient trainer. She loves going on walks and does alright on a leash. She does tend to pull and zig zag between different interesting smells, but she is responding well to some basic heel training. She is not housebroken, but she is starting to get the idea of going potty outside. She doesn’t love being confined, but she does okay in a crate overnight and for brief periods during the day. In true husky form, she was able to escape an x-pen when left home alone. She did not show any destructive behavior other than a few accidents in the house.

Age and health history are unknown, although it is believed that she has had several litters. She walks a bit stiffly and has been itchy – these symptoms are likely due to neglect rather than a greater health issue.

With some patience and TLC, Emmy would make a great companion for anyone looking for some husky love. She’s a small sweetheart with a playful side who would love a family to call her own.

Quick Facts:

  • Good with other dogs
  • More timid; takes time to warm up
  • Found with her pups
  • Playful and cuddly when comfy
  • Adoption Fee: $350

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