1-2yo female Husky/Shepherd/Malamute

Meet Emmy! Emmy was found left behind a dumpster outside a Tucson Eegee’s along with two of her puppies, Opal and Ruby. They were picked up by good Samaritans with 3 huskies of their own before being transferred to an AZHR foster.

Emmy has some initial fear towards new people, but she warms up to them quickly when given some space and patience. Once she’s comfortable, she will offer kisses and seek out attention, even talking to you to let you know that she would like some pets. She absolutely loves to snuggle and be loved on. If you’re looking for an affectionate pup, Emmy is definitely your girl.

Despite her timid personality, Emmy also has a playful side. She loves tug and fetch and will bring a toy up to you if she wants to play. She also has lots of fun just throwing a toy around by herself before settling down to chew on it. Though she was initially wary of the young husky and GSD in her foster home, she has since warmed up to them and now loves to play. She is a little on the submissive side, but has gotten more comfortable with her foster siblings’ rougher play style. She has been to a local dog park a few times and loves to run around and play with dogs she knows. She also does well with new dogs if they’re not too pushy. Emmy would do great in a home with another active dog to play with and help her build her confidence, though she could also do well as an only dog with humans to bond with. She seems like she would be alright with children who know how to approach a shy dog. Her behavior with small animals is unknown.

Emmy does not appear to have had any formal training, but she knows how to sit and shake. She has medium food drive and would likely learn quickly with a patient trainer. She LOVES going on walks and hikes and does alright on a leash. She does tend to pull and zig zag between different interesting smells, but she is responding well to some basic heel training. She is mostly housetrained and would likely do very well with a doggy door – she knows to go outside to go potty when the sliding door is open and has gotten much better about asking when it isn’t. She does well in a crate, though she does sometimes get nervous if left home alone (without her doggy foster siblings).  Feeding her or giving her chews in the crate helps with the anxiety. Her fosters have worked on socializing her in new places and she has done very well. She continues to gain confidence around new people, sounds, and smells. Because she becomes so attached to her people, she comes when called and even stayed in the yard when the gate was accidentally left open, even when her foster siblings went exploring.

With some patience and TLC, Emmy would make a great companion for anyone looking for some husky love.  She is the type of dog who really loves life and just wants to be a dog. Her favorite things in the world are cuddling, going on walks, and getting treats (in that order). She’ll need a bit more training and some time to adjust to a new home, but truly has the potential to be the perfect family pet. Emmy is a small sweetheart with a playful side who would love a family to call her own – fill out an application today if you’d like to meet her.

Quick Facts:

  • Good with other dogs
  • More timid; takes time to warm up
  • Found with her pups
  • Playful and cuddly when comfy
  • Adoption Fee: $350

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