3-4yo Husky Mix

Meet Eddie. He is SO sweet, and has quite a journey ahead of him. He was found as a stray in just awful condition. He does indeed have a wound on his back – a MASSIVE wound that wraps around his body on both sides. County’s medical staff was thankfully able to sedate Eddie, shave him and clean his wound thoroughly, removing all of the maggots.

They also noted that he is extremely emaciated at only 30lbs. His fur is very very matted – and he is only estimated to be 4yrs old. He is showing signs of a lifetime of neglect, but he is still a friendly, sweet boy. His tail wags when we talk to him ever so slightly, and you can just tell that he really wants to feel better.
His wound appears to be some kind of burn – we really can’t tell what it’s from. Even more concerning than his wound and his emaciated state currently is his liver. We got him right into one of our vets once we left the shelter.

Eddie has been improving and has regained his appetite and is due for a bloodwork re-check to monitor his progress – he seems to be steadily healing and we are optimistic he will be available for adoption in a few weeks!

Quick Facts:

  • Sweet, submissive with other dogs
  • Warms up to new people quick
  • Working on leash-walking and normal doggie life
  • LOVES food and gets so excited!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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