2yo male Siberian Husky

Meet Corio! This handsome boy was originally found as a stray. His finder was able to keep him for a while to search for his owner, but ultimately had to surrender him to MCACC when no one came forward. His the finder’s home, he was friendly and very playful (sometimes too playful) with other dogs. Even in the shelter, his notes were overwhelmingly positive; their staff reported that he was easy to take out of his kennel, that he knew how to sit, and that he would take treats politely. But like many huskies, he became stressed in the shelter environment. A single day of bad notes (that he was stressed and a little mouthy) landed him on the euthanasia list. We knew that one bad day wasn’t indicative of Corio’s true personality, so we just had to go meet him. During our evaluation, he happily solicited attention from our volunteers. He was very calm (for a husky) and extremely food motivated. We knew we were dealing with a dog who just wanted love and snacks and to be out of the loud, scary shelter, and we just had to give him a second chance.

Corio adjusted easily to life in his foster home, soon showing his true colors as a sweet, relaxed, very happy boy who loves to cuddle. He easily learned how to play with the other two large dogs, though he is submissive to their much more alpha husky. He initially had some issues with marking in the house, but they stopped quickly (he is otherwise house-trained). He does continue to struggle with counter-surfing (when there’s food around) and jumping on people, though his fosters believe that behavior stems from him competing with their jumpy German shepherd for attention. We absolutely believe that these behaviors could be corrected with continued training. Corio responds well to verbal correction and especially to redirection with treats, as well as a spray bottle for when he’s particularly excited. He’s your typical young husky – he may need a bit more work on boundaries, but his love for treats should go a long way in his training.

Corio’s fosters describe him as having medium energy. Although he’s a bit shy, he’s very playful  with other dogs. He has only been tested around other large dogs in the home so far, so we cannot say how he does with smaller dogs, cats, or other small animals. Based on what we’ve observed, we believe he would do well with kids of any age. He does well in a crate when his humans aren’t home. He loves to go for walks and pulls on a leash like many young huskies, though he’s making progress. Corio would make an amazing addition to an active household or family that can continue his training and give him appropriate enrichment. He would love to be in a home with another playful dog or two, though he could likely do well as an only dog with some humans to love on him. He’s just a super friendly, puppy-like boy who is so happy to have a new chance at life. If you’re interested in meeting Corio, please fill out an application on our website.

Quick Facts:

  • Friendly, playful boy who was e-listed for kennel stress at the shelter
  • Decompressing very well in his foster home and doing well with other dogs!
  • Takes treats very gently and eager to please
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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