4yo Female Siberian Husky

Meet Chloe! Chloe’s story is a bit different than many of our other recent intakes, though it’s no less tragic. Chloe’s owner passed away several months ago. Chloe had been very attached to her, sleeping in her bed and always staying glued to her side. After her death, her son stayed at her home to get things in order. During that time, Chloe refused to come in the house. She ended up living outside for the next month, mostly just hiding in the bushes. She would sometimes sneak into the house when no one was home. With plenty of patience, we were able to get her inside and transferred into our care. Now that she’s in a new loving environment, she is definitely coming out of her shell and becoming a whole new dog.

Although she is still shy around new people, Chloe has become very attached to her foster and now sticks to her like glue. She does not like having other Velcro dogs around “her” person – she gets jealous of other dogs trying to be nearby. However, she has not started any fights; she just growls a bit, and she does not show resource guarding behavior with food or toys. She’s not particularly interested in other dogs, but she does fine with them as long as they’re not trying to follow her person around. She has also done well meeting other dogs in public. Chloe was raised on a farm with an assortment of other animals, including chickens, horses, goats, caged birds, and a pig, so other animals in the home shouldn’t be an issue. She has not been around children while in her foster home, but we believe she would do well with kids of any age.

As far as huskies go, Chloe is relatively low energy. She is very content to snuggle on the couch with her people all day. However, her adopter will need to keep her to an exercise routine and an appropriate diet to help her lose some weight. Luckily, she loves going on walks and to the park, and she is well-mannered on leash. Her fosters have not tried keeping her in a crate because they haven’t felt the need to. When needed, she responds well to verbal correction.

Chloe will need a lot of love and patience as she adjusts to this next phase of her life. She would be a great addition to any household or family, though she would do best as either an only dog or as part of a calmer pack. Fill out an application to open your heart and home to this sweet, loving girl.

Quick Facts:

  • Timid and shy with new people
  • Sweet, "velcro" dog once she opens up
  • Good with chickens, pigs, horses, goats, etc
  • Good with kids
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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