3yr old Male Siberian Husky

Meet Buddy! This big, goofy guy to us from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County shelter. Like so many huskies we’ve taken in, he just did not do well in the stressful environment of the shelter, landing him on the e-list through no fault of his own. Now that he’s had some time to decompress in a safe and loving foster home, he’s a big sweetheart – his favorite things are affection, food, and playing with other dogs.

Buddy is a big boy! He’s about 75 lbs now and could probably stand to gain a few more. But don’t let that fool you – he’s a silly, sweet guy who just LOVES attention and hates being ignored. He loves being brushed, having his fur plucked, getting belly rubs, snuggling, and just generally being loved on. His fosters report that he has adjusted very well to life in their home. He’s had a few accidents as his potty training is still being solidified, but he has just about figured out the doggy door. He also does well in a crate. If there’s one thing Buddy loves more than attention, it’s food. He’s a voracious eater, so we recommend continued use of a slow feeder.

Buddy is also very playful with other dogs, though he’s still learning how to do that politely. He is not the best at taking cues from other dogs and may continue trying to initiate play even when the others are done. He has done well with other large dogs in his foster home, but he’s truly a husky. His strong desire to play could be annoying to some less exuberant dogs. He may be too much for smaller or more irritable dogs – his best match would be high energy but submissive. He does respond well to verbal correction and a spray bottle when needed. He can also be a bit mouthy, especially when annoyed, although he has not displayed any aggression towards people or other dogs. He allows himself to be picked up and loaded in the car easily. He has done well around older children, though we recommend caution around smaller kids because of his energy and size.

Rounding out the full husky package, Buddy is a vocal dude. He has a deep howl that may be mistaken for growling, but his body language says that he’s all talk. He is truly just a big, loveable doofus. He’s energetic and playful, but he also just wants to be loved and would be content with you petting him day and night. He would make a great companion for an active adult or family. He would love to have an energetic but patient doggy playmate, too. Fill out an application today to make this big goofball a part of your life.

Quick Facts:

  • Energetic, playful boy who needs work on boundaries
  • Loves other dogs, but best with those who match his energy
  • Loves people and wants all the attention!
  • Big boy who could use some work on manners
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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