3yo male Husky Mix

Meet Buckeye! This big (70+ lb) husky mix was another pull from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County shelter. Buckeye was placed on the e-list simply because he was scared in the shelter environment. He was frozen and shut down, refusing to walk on a leash and even eat hot dogs. Luckily, he was given a second chance by one of our amazing fosters. Like many fearful huskies, he has started to come out of his shell now that he’s in a safe, quiet home.

When he was fresh out of the shelter, Buckeye was very shy and indifferent to the two other dogs in his foster home. But within a week or so, he started going up to the females in the home to seek out attention. He now plays well with the other dogs and even enjoys playing with toys! He does still get scared easily if he is touched on his neck, especially around males. However, he is making great progress and allowing himself to be pet more every day.

So far, Buckeye has displayed medium energy. He will alternate between playing with the other dogs and staying to himself. He does not seem to rely on the other dogs for cues or pack habits. He has grumbled at other dogs if they approach one particular bowl he likes, but he does not bark, show teeth, or otherwise act aggressively. He responds well to verbal correction. We believe that Buckeye is still adjusting to life in a loving home and will continue to improve as he learns to trust. As he becomes more comfortable, his fosters plan to work on harnessing and walking on leash, as those are areas where he continues to be fearful.

Although Buckeye was dealt a tough hand in life, he has so much love to give. He loves treats and belly rubs. His personality is starting to show, and he’s a smiley boy who enjoys attention from people he trusts. He has done well with the teenagers in his foster home and even does well in a crate. We do think he would be most suited for a calmer home, with mellow dogs or as an only dog. We also recommend caution around young children, not because of any aggression, but because he can still be jumpy around quick movements or people walking towards him. Like so many huskies we see, Buckeye was truly just not meant to live in a shelter. With some time and patience, we are confident he will learn to trust people and show his real self. If you’re ready to open your home and your heart to this big sweetheart, fill out an application today.

Quick Facts:

  • Shy, unsure and stressed in shelter environment
  • Good with other dogs in foster home
  • Shy and transitioning, but warming up to people
  • Adoption Fee: $250

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