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~6yr old male Siberian Husky / Malamute mix

Meet Brody! This big boy looking for his forever home – estimated around 80lbs, he is likely a husky / malamute mix. This boy needs either a foster, or ideally an adopter – he is currently in boarding with us. Although he is doing ok in boarding, any dog of this breed is just going to thrive so much more in a home with a loving family that can give him the attention he needs!

He is just SO excited and lovably goofy when he gets visitors in boarding. He will sit for treats and has an adorable “wooing” vocalization – it’s a little softer and raspier than you might expect! He play bows and gets excited for attention and to go out, and will even give kisses pretty quickly, at least to women. He takes a little longer with men, but again he isn’t outright standoffish, just more wary!

He originally came to us as an owner surrender – he seemed to have more protective instincts towards the one he deemed as his “person” and she reported some issues with other dogs and humans, although said he lived with a small dog with absolutely no issues at all. We have not seen any of these issues ourselves since he has been removed from this situation. This biggest issue we have seen is that he is a little slower to trust right off the bat, but he really does warm up pretty quickly. His initial preference is definitely for women over men.

He does pull on the leash still but also responds quickly to commands… he has so much potential for the right person with some direction, love, and attention. He has been just fine with other dogs in our experience, but we will require meet and greets with other pets for anyone interested in adopting Brody!

Because of the instability in his past and how this his impacted his temperament, we are requiring a breed-experienced adopter. We will also require a home with no small children and likely no cats.

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If you are interested in “Brody,” please fill out the adoption application following the link below.

His adoption fee is $250. He comes vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered.

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