2yr old female German Shepherd / Siberian Husky

Meet Bowie! This beautiful girl was e-listed when MCACC recently changed their requirements due to capacity – dogs that they deemed needed to be the “only dog” in the home were now automatically listed. Bowie is a sweet, fun-loving 2 year old German Shepherd Husky mix. Her shelter notes from an adopter return cited an incident with a young puppy. Although no one was hurt, sweet Bowie wound up on the E-list.

We were thankfully able to pull her when the perfect foster family stepped up for her! They’ve said that she very quickly became comfortable in the home. They describes Bowie as a medium-energy dog that LOVES all humans. Some of Bowie favorite things to do are play fetch, get belly rubs, go for walks, and cuddle her humans. Bowie has not shown any aggression towards people and has even done well with children 7+ in her foster home. Her fosters have indicated that they do see concerning behavior towards other dogs, so we are continuing to pursue her placement as an only dog. She has also shown some tendencies towards separation anxiety, counter-surfing when alone only, and pulling while on walks.  Bowie responds well to verbal correction and with training could become the perfect walking companion. Overall, Bowie is a super happy, friendly, and polite dog that has been thriving in the home environment.

Bowie would make an amazing addition to a family as a single dog. Her shelter notes indicated that adopters who returned her had a cat, and said that she did well with their cat. If you are interested in adopting her  and have a cat, please let us know – we would likely conduct our own intro to be safe! She adores being around people and would do well in a calm environment. Whether you like to go hiking or strolls around the neighborhood, Bowie would make an amazing sidekick. She has been around school aged children and would love the extra play time with them.

If you are interested in giving this girl a chance to become part of your family, please fill out an application on our website.

Quick Facts:

  • E-listed for one incidence of aggression with a puppy
  • Very sweet and loving with humans!
  • Notes say good with cats; unsure on other large dogs and plan to evaluate
  • Very playful and loves fetch!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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