4yo male Siberian Husky

Blue is another husky we saved from the e-list at MCACC! He landed here from an incident with an animal control officer when he was being captured as a stray – he mouthed this person as a reaction while scared (did not puncture or bite) and was e-listed as a result. His behavior in his foster home since then has truly reinforced just how much this was a one-off fear-response. We haven’t seen any aggression towards humans when it comes to being handled from him!

His fosters report that Blue has been a great dog overall. He’s a bit on the higher energy side and is very playful with their other young husky, engaging in typical rough-housing husky-style play. He’s also talkative, and loves to play fetch with tennis balls (and will even hoard them!). He is definitely a little more alpha with other dogs, so we think he would do best in a home with others that are more submissive or medium-tempered. We haven’t had him around small dogs just yet either (or cats).

Blue was more timid and not very trusting of his fosters at first but warmed up pretty quickly. He has become very affectionate in a short time and now loves to cuddle. He has also been very easy to handle for his fosters when it comes to grooming – he enjoys water and is easy to bath. They have a pet vacuum that he also thinks is pretty cool, and loves to be brushed! This definitely sets him apart from many of the other huskies we have met!

His fosters are working with him on crate-training, but have said that he isn’t a huge fan so far. He also has shown resource guarding with food, but this can be easily corrected by feeding separately, which we do recommend for him. We are recommending a home with no young kids – teens and older would likely be ok – and owners with breed experience are strongly preferred.

Blue is a great boy with quite a bit of husky character. Apply to meet him today!

Quick Facts:

  • Very sweet boy who is adjusting well in his foster home with another husky
  • Easy to leash and readily walks
  • Fosters have fed separately so far for potential resource guarding shelter notes
  • E-listed at MCACC, reported to have a "near-bite" from fear during capture by animal control (snared)
  • Adoption Fee: $250

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