11yr old male Husky mix

  • E-listed for medical concerns at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control after being found as a stray
  • Has some slight mobility wobbles consistent with his age but is not in pain! He has had a librela injection and has shown some improvements, so continuing may be the right course for him!
  • Has had a dental and multiple teeth pulled that was desperately needed on intake
  • Bloodwork was awesome! No major disease, organ functions are great, no valley fever, no tick fever – he is very healthy for his age!
  • The HAPPIEST boy who always has a smile on his face. Loves other dogs and has some spunk in his step – sometimes he tries to engage in play if he’s feeling it!
  • Does well with little dogs and small dogs and likely good with kitties
  • Takes treat time very seriously and is happy to give smiles and a paw for a treat whenever asked
  • Lover of everyone and everything, the happiest boy just wants a comfy place to land for his last years – he was clearly loved at one point in his life, though we’re not sure how he’s landed on hard times, he deserves his happy ending!

Quick Facts:

  • Senior boy e-listed for medical needs
  • Bloodwork came back nearly perfect! Will have a dental prior to adoption, also working with vets on his mobility management.
  • Good with other dogs large and small; has some playful spunk
  • Sweet, friendly outgoing boy who gives paw for treats; good with kids of all ages
  • Adoption Fee: $250

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