5yo female Siberian Husky

Aska has gone through a board and train program and we feel she is finally truly ready to be the perfect companion for the right home! We pulled Aska from the euthanasia list in September of 2022. It has been a long, long time that she has been with us. We wanted to be sure we would be setting her up for success and after a lot of time with a really great foster and completion of a training program, we feel so confident in her.

She isn’t absolutely perfect right away, but she is so rewarding once you work out the kinks and set the right expectations with her. Aska doesn’t trust everyone right away, but once you earn her trust and respect, you will have a best friend and loyal companion for life. She will do best with someone who is able to take it slow initially and build on the relationship over time.

Her trainer said she really grew on her more and more as they spent more time together, and she even become more like a cat than a husky towards the end! Once there was trust established, Aska had none of her initial bad behaviors at all – no resource guarding, no food guarding, no issues with being touched anywhere or grooming or being leashed. For Aska, it all came down to trust. Clearly some incidents in her past or how she grew up caused her to have an inherent mistrust of people, but in the last year she has made leaps and bounds of progress in undoing all of the damage that was done. She will only improve more as time goes on, but she needs the right owner(s) to continue to facilitate her growth.

Aska’s energy really varies, which can be the perfect mix for a husky. She can be a lazy, snuggly couch potato, but she also has a huge passion for fetch. She LOVES to play and will bring the ball back readily to play – and she could definitely benefit from doing so as she has gained quite a few pounds in her time with us, and we are working on a weight loss program for her right now.

She can be very snuggly with her human(s) and loves to be near you, and will follow you all over. She is a sweet, affectionate girl, and as much as her owner may want to let her hang all over them all the time, we would only recommend doing so if she was the only dog. If there are other dogs in the household, it would likely be best to establish boundaries from the beginning so that all dogs in the home get along well – we will absolutely have you meet our trainer with Aska to ensure that this will be a good fit if you are serious about adopting her and working with her longterm!

Our trainer had other dogs around Aska and saw no behavioral issues, but she has had prey drive incidents in the past with small dogs, so we are only recommending dogs her own size or larger in her home. She would do amazingly as an only dog, but should be ok in a home with other medium-large dogs who don’t get jealous, or with an owner who can continue the boundaries already established by our trainer. Because of her prey drive she cannot live with cats.

Aska does not trust new people right off the bat when it comes to her resources (food, treats, putting a leash on her).  There could be a bite risk with brand new people or those she does not know very well. This risk is greatly diminished as a result of her training and if all guidelines from are followed, we truly think she will be set up for success. Because of this though, we will not place her in a home with young kids. After completing her training, she now does great in a kennel and sees it as a safe space.

If you’d like to meet this gorgeous, sweet girl please fill out an adoption application!

Quick Facts:

  • Lower energy for a husky and very snuggly once she trusts her humans
  • Does great in a kennel and sees it as a safe space
  • Good with large submissive dogs; no cats or small dogs
  • More like a cat than a husky per our trainer; has a lovable quirky personality!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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