4yo female Siberian Husky

Meet Aska! We pulled her off of the kill list at Maricopa County’s West Shelter. She has some initial fear with new people, but she’s a completely different dog once she’s comfy! She can be SUCH a sweetheart once she warms up.

Her energy really varies, which is honestly the perfect mix for this breed! She can be a lazy, snuggly couch potato, but she also has a huge passion for fetch! She LOVES to play and will bring the ball back readily to go again and again, as long as you’ll throw it for her.

She can be very snuggly with her human(s) and loves to be near you, and will follow you all over. She is a sweet, affectionate girl who desperately needs a loving, caring family of her own – she is definitely much more of a companion dog than your typical husky.

She would do amazingly as an only dog, but should be ok in a home with other medium-large dogs who are more on the submissive side as she can be a bit more dominant. She definitely has husky prey-drive and cannot be in a home with small dogs or cats.

She has shown some resource guarding over her food from humans as she takes time to trust, so caution must be taken initially when feeding. This is something that can be worked with through time, patience and training – once she trusts her home and her human, she will likely trust that her source of food is consistent, but again this is a process.

Because of this food guarding, we are not recommending a home with young children – we think 12+ would be ok.

Her ideal home would be a retired couple or adult, a home with more mellow dogs, and a home that isn’t too crazy as it takes her some time to adjust to new things. She would do just fine as an only dog as well.

She does not do well in a kennel and will try to escape as hard as she can – she hasn’t shown any destructive tendencies yet, but ideally she wouldn’t have to be alone for too long at a time.

If you’d like to meet this gorgeous, sweet girl please fill out an adoption application!

Quick Facts:

  • Lower energy for a husky and very snuggly
  • LOVES fetch!
  • Good with large submissive dogs
  • No cats or small dogs
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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