4mo Male Siberian Husky

Ash was found with his sister Willow by a good samaritan in Yuma, AZ by the side of a canal. She got them to safety and started their care before turning them over to us to finish their medical and find them loving forever homes.

From Ash’s foster: “So sweet. Can be a teeny bit aloof/independent. A little sensitive, also fearful, but braver and more social than Willow. He does eventually warm up to people, but again, the process starts over each time they come around him. He is also a quick learner in general (just not as fast as Willow). Mostly just a big ol’ love bug, wants to explore at his leisure, can be a little stubborn, but he does learn. Seems to really like routine, whereas Willow is more flexible.

He is 100% pad trained, so much so that he rarely goes outside and saves it for inside on the pad. I’m TRYING so hard to get him to transition, but like I said, he likes his routines 😂

Ash will be your best buddy, chill pal.”

Quick Facts:

  • Sweet and sensitive; fearful at first but warms up
  • More aloof and independent than his sister
  • Does well with a his routine
  • Needs a patient, understanding adopter
  • Adoption Fee: $500

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