10mo Husky Mix

This poor young boy was hit by a car and brought to the shelter with a broken humerus bone on one leg, small broken bone fragment at the knee joint of his other front leg (possible pulled tendon), broken tooth, scraped up pretty bad, and with signs of possible internal bleeding. He was a mess, and we got him into one vet right away where we learned of his tough options. Amputation, or a specialist with potential 10-15k in surgery, OR the last option, which we chose – one of our regular veterinarians was willing to do a surgery without plating to try to save a leg. Given that the bone was broken into 3 separate places, it turns out plating wouldn’t have worked anyway, but regardless the surgery currently appears to be successful – we are just waiting on Anoki to heal.

This boy is SO sweet, and very young and eager to heal and feel better and go back to his happy-go-lucky puppy life. We can’t wait until he’s feeling better. He’s had his own private room to heal in his foster home, but he so desperately wants to be out and about with everyone else – we keep telling him it’s just going to be a few weeks, but we don’t think it’s quite gotten through yet.

We will continue to post updates, but so far this sweet young fighter boy is healing as well as we could hope.

Quick Facts:

  • Very sweet and loving
  • So much puppy energy, can't wait to play!
  • On bed rest until he is fully healed
  • Adoption Fee: $400

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