2yo female Siberian Husky

Meet Anna! She came so us off the euthanasia list at the shelter for medical – she had a broken pelvis that has healed up great since she joined us in September. You would never be able to tell by looking at her now that she was ever injured!

She is SO playful and wants to be best friends with every dog she meets, large or small – borderline annoyingly playful, so we are recommending high energy friend(s) for her. She is very likely to be too much for dogs that are older or dogs that don’t want to play.

She is super affectionate and will follow her person or people all over the house. She is also very cuddly with any humans as well as other dogs and would love to sleep in bed with you too, if she’s allowed! She is VERY smart and can get into mischief as a result – this has included opening doors and getting into the trash if she’s able. She does well being crated for a few hours but will try to escape if she’s kept in there long term. She would also be a great hiking/ walking buddy (she just about breaks down the door when her foster get her leash out, she is so excited!). She does really well with her two foster brothers dogs who are around her same size or smaller, playing for hours at a time. 

Anna shows some signs of potential prior abuse, but she has slowly become more trusting in her foster home and is usually a good listener – however, she does not like brooms, rakes, or anything with a long handle and will run from these. She also doesn’t like loud or sudden movements. She’s very food motivated and loves rides in the car especially if a pup cup is involved.

We are recommending a home with older children, 12+, only – she has shown no aggression, but has clearly never been around young kids and seems to think they are aliens. She keeps her distance and barks / woos at them pretty constantly.

Please fill out an application if you want to meet this sweet, spunky girl!

Quick Facts:

  • Very affectionate and cuddly with her humans
  • Unsure about young kids; good with kids 12+
  • Would do great in a home with more playful, energetic dogs
  • Mischievous personality
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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