2yo Husky Mix

Meet Anna! She came so us off the euthanasia list at the shelter. This poor girl came in with blood on her face and unable to use her back legs. X-rays showed that she had a broken pelvis. Once we got her in our care our vet found that the injury was around 5-6 weeks old and healing well on it’s own. It was so far healed it would have been worse to re-break it and fix the alignment, so her hips are a little bit off and she may have some arthritis issues later in life, but it sure isn’t slowing her down now that she’s feeling better!

She is SO playful and wants to be best friends with every dog she meets, large or small – borderline annoyingly playful, so we are recommending high energy friend(s) for her. She is very likely to be too much for dogs that are older or dogs that don’t want to play. 

She is super affectionate and will follow her person or people all over the house. She is also very cuddly and would love to sleep in bed with you too, if she’s allowed! She is VERY smart and can get into mischief as a result – this has included getting into the trash if she’s able, and working on escape plans from kennels or baby gates if she’s contained. This is very typical young husky behavior and hopefully subsides in time as she is able to play and exercise more.

Anna shows some signs of potential prior abuse – she does not like brooms, rakes, or anything with a long handle and will run from these. She will not come inside when prompted unless you avoid eye contact with her. She also doesn’t like loud or sudden movements.

We are recommending a home with older children, 12+, only – she has shown no aggression, but has clearly never been around young kids and seems to think they are aliens. She keeps her distance and barks / woos at them pretty constantly. This has been upsetting to the 6yo child in her first foster home, so we think older kids will be better suited for her.

Please fill out an application if you want to meet this sweet, spunky girl!

Quick Facts:

  • Very affectionate and cuddly
  • Good with kids 12+
  • Good with other playful, energetic dogs
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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