2yo male Siberian Husky

Alfredo has come such a long way since he joined us! He came off the euthanasia list at the county shelter where his rambunctious husky energy did not do him any favors – he wanted out and he wanted everyone to know it! He is still full of energy but has learned some manners while with his amazing foster family. He is super affectionate towards them and appreciative of their patience!

He still has some learning to do with treat/food guarding (with other dogs only, NOT humans), but his fosters are working with him. He has been doing better with waiting for his turn with treat time! He still needs some work when food/snacks are laying around and other dogs are randomly passing by. Other than that, he knows to leave you alone when you’re eating, and also knows sit, down, and wait for his food/treats until you tell him to.

Alfredo is such a goofy guy who  is just overflowing with personality. He came in knowing no boundaries with people and would just jump up and on you if he had the opportunity. His fosters have been teaching him the meaning of space, but he is still a big doofy boy who loves the world. He loves to snuggle, pets, chew and squeaky toys and playing with other medium to large dogs all day. He also loves chasing the foster family’s toy car around the backyard and chasing their vacuum!

Alfredo does well with other dogs when they are playful and not reactive since he is a sensitive soul and will react back. Other than that, he is truly just a big goofball that wants to be loved and taken everywhere you go. He loves being around humans and dogs and exploring. He has no aggression towards humans at all! He just wants all your lovin’

Note – Alfredo came to us with a condition of the eyelid requiring entropion surgery – it is not a major surgery and he will recover fairly quickly and easily, though we have scheduled this to take place soon!

Alfredo is still available for adoption! If you or you know someone interested in this lovable goofball, please fill out an application!

Quick Facts:

  • Energetic, playful boy
  • Needs an active home and would benefit from at least one other high energy boy
  • Needs training - jumps up and lacks basic manners
  • Will need surgery to fix entropion eyelid before adoption
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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