1yo female husky mix

Meet Sage! Sage was e-listed after she, like many huskies, struggled in a shelter environment. She was very timid when leaving the shelter, but she settled in quickly once she was in a safe place. She has thrived on having a routine and is now much less shy.

Once she’s comfortable, Sage has shown a playful side! She loves toys and playing with other dogs. She has met several huskies in other homes and has done well with all of them. She also does well with small dogs, though an introduction showed that she is not good with cats. She is on the timid side with new dogs and is happy to let the other dog in her foster home lead the way, but she warms up quickly.

Sage is a sweet and happy girl with a good amount of energy for a husky. She loves walks and does well on a leash, but she is also happy to relax and snuggle with her people. She thrives with attention and affection from her foster family. She is also inquisitive and very curious about life, so she will need someone to set some boundaries with her early on.

Sage has not displayed many behavioral issues since leaving the shelter. She does try to counter-surf, but responds well to verbal correction and re-direction with food. She is food motivated and responds well to training with treats. She also does well in a crate, though she shows some separation anxiety when left alone. She currently lives in an apartment and has done well in that setting with her foster working from home. We think she would do well in an apartment (not something that can be said for most huskies!) with an adopter who is home frequently. She benefits from having a routine and does well with a mixture of activity and relaxation.

Sage could make herself at home with just about any loving family. She has done well with younger and older adults as well as older children. She would enjoy a home with other young and playful dogs but could also be an only child. She is a sweet and snuggly girl with her whole life ahead of her. With a little patience and understanding, her playful personality can shine and she would make a great companion.

Quick Facts:

  • Good with adults and kids
  • Good with other dogs
  • More timid and shy and takes time to warm up
  • Needs a patient, understanding adopter
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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