2yo male Siberian Husky

Chef needs a foster and/or adopter! This boy is a pretty special case. He has been waiting for months for just the right person to come along. We rescued Chef from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County Shelter. He is a very high-strung, energetic husky boy who gets worked up easily. He needs a human who is able to stay calm with him, is able to keep him on a routine, and is able to keep him in check when he tries to push boundaries. He really is a sweet, loving boy once he understands his spot in the pack and what is expected of him.

Chef has completed a board and train program and has learned a lot – he’s a very smart boy! As a husky, he has quite a bit of independence and it is in his nature to see what he can get away with, and what you’ll let him get away with. Although any good relationship will have some playfulness, Chef will need both a loving respect as well as a strong leader who can continue to work with him. Board and train programs are never, ever meant to be a one-time fix. Our trainer has laid the groundwork for him to be very successful in a forever home, and whoever takes him on to foster or adopt will meet with her first thing to learn what he has been taught. We want to be sure that anyone who takes on this boy is set up for success!

Chef is full of personality and a true husky. He has a ton of energy and is very, very playful with other dogs. He has made a lot of progress in learning boundaries, but will need continued reinforcement, especially with new people. He was initially mouthy in his first foster home until he settled in. He did this with his trainer too. Fortunately, this behavior was very workable in his board and train program, and we are fully prepared to be as supportive as needed to make his adoption successful for the right person. He really is a goofy, happy-go-lucky boy once he is comfortable – he also enjoys playing with the hose and loves going for walks!

In training he has learned so many important things beyond boundaries Рhe walks well on a leash, goes to his place, pays attention to people and respects direction. He does well in a crate and we do recommend he be crated when unsupervised. He responds well to re-direction with treats when he gets too excited or jumps on people. He may still try to see what he can get away with in the future, but we will absolutely be sharing direction on the best way to be successful  (his high food drive will certainly help).

Chef recently got out of boarding to attend an adoption event at the Uptown Farmers Market, and he did so incredible! He rode in the car very well, met people of all ages (including young children, who he just gave kisses to!), and played great with all the dogs in the pop-up dog park at the market. Chef was fantastic meeting stranger after stranger, took treats gently, gave LOTS of hugs and kisses, and most importantly of all, while on leash he had no issues sitting next to the volunteer handling him despite all the excitement and distractions of the event.

Chef does have a bite record, of which we will absolutely share all details with any interested foster or adopter. As a result of this, we will not be adopting him to a home with children, or to anyone planning to have children in the future. He would make a great companion for an active adult and would do especially well in a home with another playful dog. Again, he really will need a home with consistent routine and structure, and a confident leader.

Please apply today if you think you’d be the right foster or adopter for Chef!

Quick Facts:

  • High-energy and VERY playful
  • Loves attention and pets
  • Needs a strong leader to set a routine, reward good behavior and appreciate his goofy side
  • Great with other dogs!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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