Owner Surrender Form

Important: filling out this form does not guarantee placement.

The need for rescue has increased drastically recently, and as a result we pull our huskies almost exclusively from animal shelters where they are facing death.

Please consider before submitting this form:

  • Rescues do not exist to help people who are moving find a home for their dog – we are NOT rehoming service. If you need to rehome your dog, please see our rehoming resources page.
  • Are the issues you are having that are causing you to look for a new home for your husky ones that can be worked through? Please see our page on help keeping your husky for some community resources that may be able to help. 
  • We do not take in stray dogs as we do not have resources to search for their owners. We sometimes make exceptions in cases of severe neglect and medical needs.

Circumstances we will consider if we have foster homes available:

  • When an owner passes away
  • In cases of severe neglect
  • In cases of extenuating medical needs for the dog

Intake Request

  • Current Owner Information

  • Information on Your Dog

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    Max. file size: 20 MB.

      I acknowledge that all the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
      I acknowledge that I am the legal owner of this pet that I am surrendering, and that if I do surrender a pet that does not legally belong to me, legal action may be taken against me.
      I acknowledge that submission of this form IS NOT A GUARANTEE that AZ Husky Rescue will be able to intake my dog. This is simply a request, and I understand that the rescue will try to help in any way possible but may not be able to take my dog due to space limitations.
      If AZ Husky Rescue does intake my dog, I understand that upon physically surrendering my dog to the organization that I am relinquishing all ownership of the dog and legally transferring ownership to AZ Husky Rescue.