2yr old Female Siberian Husky

Meet Lilly! This poor girl is so incredibly sweet despite everything she’s been through – we seriously cannot believe how loving she is even now with how much pain she must be in.

She was found as a stray with ticks all over her face, attached all around her eyes. We wonder how long it must have taken them to get that bad?! She also had a broken leg when found – it’s possible she was hit by a car, or that she was dumped when injured as many owners cannot afford the medical treatment needed. Despite all of this, Lilly’s intake notes still note how sweet she was and how ready she was to trust humans to get her to safety. She arrived at the shelter on 6/23, and we were able to pull her yesterday afternoon on 6/27 – she has had her injury at least the last 4 days and we can’t imagine how she has been feeling.

She is in an amazing foster home where she will recover from surgery once this is done! Her consult is today (right now actually!) and we look forward to getting her the medical care she needs so that she can have full usage of her leg the rest of her life! Stay tuned for update

Quick Facts:

  • Adorable large Husky
  • Very sweet girl despite her history
  • Please do research if you are not familiar with this breed!

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