1yr old Female Husky Mix

Layla came to us as a mother with 4 recently born puppies. As we do for all our mother dogs, we have her DNA results pending – we DNA test all mother dogs to screen for health conditions, and for the fun of knowing the breed! Layla’s family has had her since she was a puppy, and unfortunately was forced to move abruptly and was unable to find a new rental that would allow them to keep all 3 of their dogs – they were at least able to keep 2, but they became desperate to find a spot for Layla and her babies.

Layla spent 2.5 weeks outside in a yard with her newborn babies before we were able to take them in, and this mama is just the sweetest. There are 2 boys and 2 girls in the litter. Layla can go to a foster-to-adopt home as soon as her puppies are weaned and separated – June 25th is the plan! She will still need to be spayed at this time, but we can work with her potential adopter on getting this scheduled if we find the right placement.

Layla is SUCH a sweetheart, she loves humans and wants to be as close to you as she can get. She will snuggle on the couch happily – but she also is still very much so a puppy herself and has tons of energy. She plays great with the other dogs in the home, large and small, and shows no aggression towards them at all – even when they get near her babies!

She lived with small children prior to coming to rescue and grew up with them, so we do think she would be ok with kids, but as always recommend close adult supervision. Layla definitely needs some work on training and doesn’t always know her own size, so she could jump on (or try to sit on) a child simply because she wants affection so badly.

She needs continued training and currently does NOT do well in a crate, will beg VERY close to you (working on that), and will try to counter-surf – the good news is that she stops immediately when you catch her and scold her and puts her ears back in apology. She wants to be a good girl, she just needs consistency and direction.

Let us know if you’d like to meet this sweet mama!

Quick Facts:

  • Adorable Husky/Shepherd mix
  • Sweet girl with lots of energy
  • Please do research if you are not familiar with these breeds!

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