1yr old Male Husky Mix

Meet Snake who will now be known as King! This boy has had the weirdest range of symptoms over the last month that made pulling him an incredibly difficult decision – mostly for fear of spreading something contagious to other animals in our care and having no fosters without other dogs available.

Through networking and pledges we decided to take a chance and go get him at the last minute. He was on the e-list for 3 days – pretty unheard of in current times and he’s incredibly lucky he was given that amount of time!

King first developed a cough, nasal discharge and sneezing symptoms close to a month ago. He was treated with antibiotics for a period of time. Then on July 20th (last week when it was 114 degrees) he was found lateral and lethargic in his kennel with a fever, likely from overheating. He was moved into a/c (normal kennels have swamp cooler system that’s not as cool) and given fluids and his fever was gone the next day.

This is the point at which it seemed he could not walk – the vet stood him up to check him out and he collapsed back down, and was unwilling to rise again that anyone observed over the next week. He is 4dx negative for heartworm and tick fever, and Valley Fever negative.
When we got him today his eyes just so clearly said “help me!” – he’s so pathetic and sweet and just clearly doesn’t feel well and doesn’t know what’s going on. We did bloodwork and X-rays while at the emergency vet for 5hrs today. There are a few abnolamies but nothing that is a huge red flag pointing to an obvious cause still.

He CAN walk but his walking is very stiff, he is slow to rise when he does, and he has VERY low muscle mass on his back legs specifically. The vet estimated he was 1yrs old, possibly even 10-11mos, so this isn’t normal at all for his age. He is very weak and moving around seems to be a bit of a struggle.

We are going to continue follow-up care with our veterinarians for him!

Quick Facts:

  • Scared, timid, but sweet
  • OK with other dogs, but scared and in pain
  • Needs to get better!

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