2yo Husky Mix

Meet Anna! She is our latest save from the euthanasia list at Maricopa County West Shelter. This poor girl came in to the shelter with blood on her face and seemed unable to use her back legs at the time. Upon x-raying her hips, medical staff determined she had a broken pelvis.

We brought her right to the vet when we got her and had repeat x-rays done. From here, we can see that her break is healing – and our vet estimates that it originally happened around 6 weeks ago based on the bone growth!  Given how far along her healing is, the fact that she is able to walk on her legs with minimal issues currently, and that she does not seem to be in pain, the best plan of action is to allow her body to continue to heal as it is and keep her comfortable with minimal movement for a few more weeks, and then do a re-check. It is likely that she will have some longterm issues, hopefully minor, including arthritis, so we are proactively starting her on glucosamine supplements and fish oil that we recommend she get for the remainder of her life.

Since her initial intake she has really started to feel better in her foster home and her mischievous husky side is coming out. She is very playful and wants to be friends with the other dogs in her foster home, but may want to play a little TOO much for their taste. There have been a few fights because she is too playful and the other dogs are not having it, so we do think if there are other dogs in her forever home, they should be much more on the playful, or highly tolerant side.

We are also recommending a home with older children – there is a 6yr old in her foster home right now, and although she doesn’t show any aggression towards him, she does seem to believe he is some type of alien. She will woo and bark at him quite a bit, and the foster has had to get creative in allowing her to sit in a crate up close and watch her son to get used to him – this method has actually been very successful so far, but we still definitely think children 12+ will be the best fit in her forever home.

We will continue to update as we have more notes, but please let us know if you’d like to foster-to-adopt Anna!

Quick Facts:

  • Sweet and submissive young girl
  • Healing from a broken pelvis
  • Good with other dogs and kids, cats unknown
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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