Alaskan Malamute Mix

Meet Abraham, “Abe” for short. This sweet Malamute mix seems to be around 7 or 8yrs old and was turned into the Arizona Humane Society as a stray in mid-May. He has a very bad wound that is already scabbed and partially healed, but presents with what looks like a lot of scar tissue. This is on the top of his muzzle and side of his cheek – we honestly have no idea what this is from but based on the patterning maybe barbed wire or possibly from a traumatic injury.

Abe was seen by a vet and the main course of action at this time is to let his body continue the path of healing that is already underway – it’s likely been 2-3 months since he was injured now, and a lot of the swollen areas will continue to go down. The plan is to recheck him in 1-2 months to get an idea of how well his healing is continuing, and to see if anything corrective would be beneficial.

He is very timid and fearful, and his coat was full of debris when found – AHS did a great job brushing him out, and his coat isn’t nearly as dirty now. He seems to like dogs quite a bit, but new people are scary. He also seems much more comfortable outside than in (even in this heat!) and is not food-motivated at all.

He is in a loving foster home where he is being approached with patience and given space to feel safe, and any attention that he wants while he continues his healing path. He has definitely been making some progress, but we expect he still has quite a ways to go!

Quick Facts:

  • Older malamute mix found as stray
  • Ongoing treatment for facial injury
  • Sweet but timid, will need love and patience

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