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2-3yo old female Siberian Husky

Pumpkin came to us as a stray with no owner turning up during her stray hold unfortunately – she has since been spayed and is ready to find her forever family!

She was covered in ticks when found, though we have treated and she is now tick-free – we are recommending another 4dx test be done in about 6 months as she was found with ticks on her and it can take some time for tick-related diseases to present themselves. This test is relatively inexpensive, ranging from $40-60 in general, and should either clear her of all disease or show any disease at such a time when treatment would still be quick and simple!

Now that Pumpkin totally healed from her spay, we’re doing more leash work and outdoor play etiquette with her. She does great indoors and curls up like a fox napping quite a bit! She does have some habits that her foster is currently working through, like jumping, and being reactive at sporadic times with various types of triggers (sometimes she’ll mouth when her collar is grabbed but not other times, occasionally while she’s laying down perhaps in certain positions where her belly is more exposed). This is in a “stop it”. type of way and not in any way showing desire to harm people.
She doesn’t seem to have any food/resource aggression towards humans but definitely gives warning snarls to other dogs who get to close to her while she is eating – her foster is still working on this too!
She truly does do well in a crate but tends to shell up and become antisocial if the crate is left out all the time for her, which leads to more instances of the behaviors above. Her foster has removed the crate and provided her den-like spaces to nap and this has improved some of the possessive behavior she has shown towards the others in her foster home. She is in a foster home with 3 other pups right now, one being a smaller dog, and overall really is doing well – crating is a decision that would be best left up to the adopter circumstantially but may not be needed, as good as it is to know that she does well in one!

Apply today if you would like to meet miss Pumpkin!

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Pumpkin’s adoption fee is $250. She will come spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

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