5yr old male Siberian Husky

Biscuit has unfortunately been returned to us after having been adopted for a while – he had been doing well with the senior cat in his adopted home for over a year, but unfortunately this changed and he cannot be adopted to a home with cats. He is a very sweet boy with other dogs and humans and is back looking for his perfect forever fit again.

We originally took in Biscuit from a vet in CA – He was hit by a car and taken to a vet, where his microchip tracked down the owners. They were called, but told the vet that he was always getting out and they couldn’t afford to pay for his medical care anyway so just put him to sleep! We went down a very, very long road of healing with Biscuit and desperately tried to work through all of his neurological damage to allow him to keep his leg, but in the end the best decision was to amputate. His is so much happier as a tripod in no pain and gets around great! He is well-adjusted and used to life with 3 legs.

Biscuit is shy towards humans at first but LOVES belly rubs when he gets to know you and will happily take treats from your hand super gently. He also loves dogs his size and larger, and will play for hours – he will seek out the most playful dog in the pack and become best friends! We don’t recommend super mouthy rough playmates for Biscuit, but definitely dogs with energy.

He loves lounging and napping – you can usually find him in a quiet place or basking in the sun when he’s not playing with another pup. During the summer, he likes laying on pool steps to cool off too.

After everything this sweet guy has been through, he deserves to finally be with one person or family for the rest of his life. Please fill out an app if you’re interested in meeting Biscuit

Quick Facts:

  • Tripod boy who is missing one of his front legs
  • Survived a car accident in CA and came to us in 2021
  • Super playful with other dogs
  • Shy with humans at first but loves belly rubs and takes treats gently
  • Adoption Fee: $250

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