7yr old Male Shepherd/Husky Mix

Alfie first came into the Maricopa County Shelter as a stray in 2020, was adopted for 1.5 years and returned. At this time, for reasons unknown, he was labeled as needing to be an only dog. There is no record of any fighting with other dogs on his shelter notes, and he’s been in a foster home with as many as 7 other dogs while with us now temporarily and has in no way instigated or started any disputes. After 3+ months in the shelter with his “only dog” label, he landed on the e-list for getting too stressed in his kennel and barking too frequently – yes, apparently they kill dogs for that now.

He was adopted on his very last day, way down to the wire with only an hour left. Unfortunately, the home that adopted him did not have a good intro with him and their male unaltered husky. Alfie slipped his collar and ran right up to the other dog who was still on a leash, and in all the high energy it did not go well and they were too nervous to try another intro. They did hold him and keep him separate until we had a temp foster available to take him in to prevent him from returning to the shelter and being killed.

Unfortunately they were only able to keep Alfie for 2 weeks, but it was enough time for us to learn a whole lot more about him – like the fact that he can be pretty darn playful with other dogs once he is comfy! He loves his people, loves walks, and LOVES to go play at the dog park. He’s super sweet and comfy with all humans and shows no aggression towards them. He LOVES to cuddle too.

Alfie would do great in a home as either an only dog, with one other dog, or even with multiple other dogs so long as there is a good group dynamic. We are more than happy to set up a meet and greet to ensure it is a good fit for everyone!

Alfie is 7yrs old and will treat just about any new human like his best friend since he hasn’t had his own person in so long. He is past all the puppy distraction and is happy to go out and exercise, or snuggle up on the couch.

Quick Facts:

  • Easy-going with new people
  • Does well with other dogs that are more submissive
  • No kitties please!
  • Has not been tested with kids just yet
  • Perfect age for a non-destructive, well-behaved companion who loves to snuggle.

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